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  • Jean O'Toole

Family Member Scholarships

One very overlooked scholarship source are scholarships with the requirement that an applicant must be related to or be a dependent of an employee or member. Scholarship seekers should ask their parents or legal guardians to research scholarship opportunities from their employers. If there are opportunities, there are generally fewer applicants than applying for regional or national scholarships. It is always smart to direct scholarship efforts to those applications with the higher statistical odds of winning.

For example, Walmart provides a scholarship for graduating high school seniors, who are the dependent of a current Walmart employee. According to Walmart, approximately 25% of all eligible applicants will receive a scholarship. For more information, visit

Bremer Bank provides $1000-$3000 scholarships for dependents of their employees up to age of 25 who are pursuing 2-year, vocational and technical programs, 4-year undergraduate or graduate degrees. Visit for more information.

Western Digital is committed to awarding $1 million per year in scholarships to the dependents of their employees. Their scholarships are one-time awards of up to $5000. For more information about the Western Digital scholarships for dependents of employees, visit

A parent or legal guardian should check with the Human Resources department of their employer to learn of any opportunities, application deadlines and criteria.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Jean O’Toole is an educational consultant and author of the bestselling book, Scholarship Strategies Finding and Winning the Money You Need. Over the past 15 years, she has helped tens of thousands of students in the United States. Individuals collectively have been awarded millions of dollars by applying her scholarship strategies. In 2008 she co-founded Connections101, a company specializing in providing motivational tools for scholarship searching. It is her goal to empower students to design their paths to their future without college debt. For more information about Jean, visit Twitter: @ScholarshipJean, FB: @ScholarshipStrategies, IG: @ScholarshipStrategies


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