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Private Scholarship Strategy Jumpstart Session

Connections101 offers private Scholarship Jumpstart Sessions for high school students, undergraduate and graduate college students and their families.  Sessions are 75 minutes and take place via phone or video conferencing. The individualized session gives any student and their family a focused plan of action to customize their efforts in pursuing scholarships. Once booked, you will receive a calendar link to choose a time that is convenient for you or your family. Contact for more information and to schedule a session.  

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"Jean's talk on scholarship strategies is very helpful. There are so many inspiring ways to do this! Thank you so much! Jean's awesome!"

"This was GREAT!!! Motivating and exciting! Very empowering! Can’t wait to share with my 3 children in college, and share with my friends! Fantastic speaker!"

  Joyce Y.


  Brenda D.


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