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Scholarship of the Day

Receive the Scholarship of the Day directly to your inbox daily. Activation of Scholarship of the Day will be sent within 48 hours of sign-up.

The Scholarship of the Day includes:

  • Information about who can apply for the opportunity

  • Brief description of the scholarship

  • Verified link for application

  • Deadline 

  • Amount of scholarship, if available

How to Start a Scholarship Search

Years ago, while presenting student success workshops in high schools, conversations with students would turn to the rising cost of college. Students didn’t want to take on enormous student loan debt. Their words resonated with me.  I was the first person in my family to go to college and although I won some scholarships, it wasn’t enough. I had to also sign my name to student loans. I was inspired by those many conversations with students to research and find ways to reduce the cost of college. That research led me to these 3 easy steps to starting a scholarship search.

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Scholarship Search Websites

There are thousands of different scholarships available, but many can be difficult to find. These websites are the best places to start your search for high quality scholarships. 

Personal Search Engine List Example

This is an example of how to organize information about yourself for a personal search engine list. 

Essay Tips 

These are the top ten tips for writing outstanding scholarship essays to win prestigious scholarships.

Prestigious Scholarships

Here are some of the most prestigious scholarships you can apply for.

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