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for Outstanding Scholarship Essays​​


First impressions count.  Although you may be using an essay for more than one application, it is essential that you customize your essay introduction to speak to the question being asked for that specific scholarship.


Write in your voice. Scholarship committees want to hear from you and learn about you. Do not use flowery language to try to impress the decision makers.


Address the impact you plan to have on others in your future.  Scholarship committees want to know that their award monies will have a deep impact.


Tell the truth. Resist the urge to embellish a story or create a false story about yourself. Committees are regularly using research tools to verify applicant information.


Spelling and grammar matter. Spell check and grammar check do not always catch all errors. Have someone read your essay with attention to grammar and spelling.


Success is in the details. You will most likely be writing about yourself. Include specifics to give decision makers a window into your world.


Don’t be shy about your accomplishments. Include achievement highlights from in the classroom and outside the classroom in your essay when possible.


Organize your thoughts before writing. Take some time to create an outline before beginning to write your essay.


Know what wins. Most scholarship committees will post the essay of the previous year’s winner. Review that essay to learn more about what the decision makers seek in a candidate.


Leave a lasting impression.  Conclude your essay with a passionate and positive tone so that you are memorable amongst the other candidates.