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For over a decade Connections101 has motivated students to start a scholarship money mission. Students, who have had the most success with their scholarship search, strategically have worked with others to find more scholarships faster. Connections101 is proudly offering  virtual scholarship clubs for students to receive support to help them find scholarships and provide tips, tools and time saving techniques to make the process easier. 


Students can join the Connections101 club for a month or several months depending on their support needs.


During a scholarship club students will research and contribute scholarships that they have found to the group, allowing the club to find more scholarships faster. Participating members will receive:


  • a LIST of all scholarships found by all members during that month
  • a TOOL to assist in organizing their scholarship search
  • a TEMPLATE to assist in the expansion of their search
  • a SCHEDULE of education cost saving strategies from high school through college
  • a PLAN of action to increase eligibility for scholarships
  • a MAP of where to find scholarships 
The Connections101 scholarship club is designed for students to receive affordable ongoing support and access to the scholarship team. Club members may submit questions to be answered weekly by the team, and will receive tools, scholarship alerts and guidance to stay motivated and stay on course with their search.
The membership fee to join the Connections101 Scholarship Club for 1 month is $25.00. 1 year membership fee to join the Connections101 Scholarship Club for 1 year is $240.00.
Representatives from school guidance departments, college clubs, parent associations and organizations are encouraged to reach out to for group rates to participate in an upcoming scholarship club. 

Virtual Scholarship Club


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