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For over a decade Connections101 has motivated students to start a scholarship money mission. We have worked on site with educational institutions for years providing ongoing scholarship support for students of all ages.


Connections101 offers affordable ongoing virtual support for scholarship seekers of all ages. With ongoing support, scholarship seekers receive the following into their inbox:


  • weekly scholarship alerts
  • weekly tips and tools for scholarship searching
  • access to The Scholarship Team to ask questions at the live weekly Q & A as well as via email throughout each week.
  • Video replays of weekly Q & A's.


Scholarship seekers can opt to receive ongoing support for one month, several months or a year depending on their educational goals.


Representatives from school guidance departments, college clubs, parent associations and organizations are encouraged to reach out to for group rates for their students or members to receive ongoing support.

6 Months of Ongoing Scholarship Support

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