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Connections101  |  2020

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Finding the Right College for You


“Finding the Right College for You” is an interactive presentation from Connections101 that will offer insight on:


  • How to gather information about a possible college choice beyond the website and brochure of a college
  • Understanding what colleges will evaluate to decide who will be accepted
  • 15 strategies to pay for your selected college beyond financial aid


The program is 45 minutes in length and can be presented in a classroom, library, auditorium or gymnasium. Workshops, classroom presentations, assemblies, parent programs and on-site scholarship clubs are available in PA, NJ, NY, CT and MA. A travel fee of $50.00 will be additional for all booked dates.


Program fee plus travel for less than 100 students: $300

Program fee plus travel for 100 students or more: $550


*Please include your top three requested dates/times in the Notes section at checkout*


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