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Personal Search Engine List


The following are all categories I should keep on my radar while searching for scholarships.

It is my goal to continue to brainstorm for more categories about myself that I can add to the list.


I am Caucasian. My heritage is Scottish, French Canadian and Irish.

I am a Christian and a practising Catholic.

I am tall (5’11” – tall for a female). I wear contacts and glasses because I am near sighted. I had knee surgery from a soccer injury 2 years ago.

I would like to be Physical Therapist. After injuring my knee and needing surgery, I spent a lot of time with physical therapists. They were so inspiring! I want to specialize in working with kids who have injuries. If possible, my goal is to travel with Doctors Without Borders and help kids in other countries who have joint injuries to recover with physical therapy.

I live in Northampton, Massachusetts which is in Hampshire County.



My current cumulative GPA is 3.45. My goal is to bring it up to a 3.6 by the end of the semester with the extra credit projects I am taking on in my biology and U.S. History classes.

I had 2 excused early dismissals because of doctor’s appointments this academic year. I have not officially missed any days of school this academic year.

I am a founding member of the “Speak Your Truth” club, which is a club dedicated to honoring the Freedom of Speech. We strive to help all students be heard at our school, even if we don’t agree with their beliefs. Last year we organized a “Poem-A-Thon” fundraiser to raise monies for international groups helping to protect the freedom of speech. Our club members took turns reading poems we had written about speaking our truth. The event lasted 3 hours and donations totaled almost $2000! We plan to organize a similar event this year and involve a local club from the nearby university. This year we will do a “Speech-A Thon” and read famous speeches from people who have stood up to being heard. We expect our event to run 24 hours and hope to raise $10,000.

I am a soccer player. I have been playing since I was in 4th grade and am a goalie. Although I injured my knee two years ago, I have never stopped loving the game! Last year our committed team made it all the way to the State Championship game. We didn’t win, but it was the greatest achievement my school’s team had ever accomplished. We hope to make it back to State’s this year and take home the trophy!

I play flute and saxophone. I participate in my school’s Marching Band, Competitive Advanced Jazz Band, Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. My goal is to be honored with the role of Drum Major during my senior year.

I started the “Speak Your Truth” club with my best friend. I am helping my cousin who goes to another school create a similar club at his high school.

I learned that a nearby community was short coaches for their youth community soccer programs. Once a week for 2 hours I volunteer time as an assistant coach to help the elementary school age kids become better soccer players. I love it! My grandmother lives at a residential community for elderly individuals who need some additional assistance. She loves that I am musician and asked me often to play for her when I visited. Her friends at the residential community loved listening too, so I now arrange an official visit once a month to play some music during their dinner time. It feels really wonderful to make her and her friends so happy, even if my playing isn’t always perfect. A couple times a few of my band friends came and played with me too.

Accomplishments In and Out of School

Stuff I've Already Completed

Numerous poems from 9th and 10th grade English classes and from “Speak Your Truth” fundraiser.

Family Tree project from 10th grade health class.


Short PSA film project from 11th grade digital media class.


My (10 page) “What it Means to be an American” paper from 11th grade U.S. History class.


My “Personal Statement” essay that I have ready for my college applications.


The Science Fair project from my 10th grade chemistry class.


My little brother has Down Syndrome. I love to help my parents take care of him and he brings so much love and joy to our life. My family is part of a community group which supports other families who have children with special needs. I have seen how important that community has been to my family. I would love to get involved with similar groups when I head off to college. If a community group doesn’t exist near my future college campus, I will try to start one.

My father is a member of the Elks club and the Rotary Club. I plan to find out what scholarships, if any, those organizations offer.

I love to help others – especially kids. I am super fascinated by the power of words, which is why I started the “Speak Your Truth” club. I want to help the planet and am an advocate for recycling. I want to travel and visit as many countries as possible in my lifetime.

Other (more cool and unique stuff about me)